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almost 4 years ago

Hackathon Update = 12 days to submission deadline

Hello hackers,

Update: RedisConf is over but over 50 talks will be online for 27 more days.

Here is a sample of the talks: 

  • Creating a Model of Human Physiology using RedisGraph
  • Joinability Analysis at Scale with HyperLogLog
  • Leveraging Redis for System Monitoring
  • Fake News’ Foe: RedisAI (Identifying Fake news with Redis and AI)
  • Build a Message Bus with Redis Streams and FastAPI

And here's a sample of the training talks:

  • RediSearch ?
  • RedisAI 1.0 GA
  • RedisGears GA
  • RedisGraph 2.2
  • Time-based Redis: TimeSeries & Streams
  • vent-Driven / Write Behind Redis: Intro to Redis Gears
  • Image Recognition using PyTorch and RedisAI 
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Apache Spark and Redis

So go check out the talks at Then learn something new, and share it online during the hackathon!